Centuries Ahead

Iznik tiles themselves are treasures. For this rare collection of furniture  they were custom made in a scale that has never been executed before.

Iznik tile from Turkey is a tradition originating in the 12th century and is remarkable most notably for the quartz content from which the body of the tiles are made. On top of this than comes the exquisite hand painted artistry of the Iznik craftsman. Each table is designed to be an extension of the motif in the tile itself.

Each of the hand-crafted tables is made by an artisan, a master craftsman, one wood worker and one bronze caster, both California based.

Centuries Ahead was formed to create treasures  of museum quality for our time and of the future…

For inquiries please contact us at  info@katerinatanacollection.com

Coralshade_turquoize truck

Malibu is 100% Belgian linen, 58″ W. Available in colorways Ocean, Grass, and Mist . Coralshade is dye printed in Switzerland on 100% Belgian linen ground, 51″ W. Available in colorways Abalone, Sea, Amber, Oyster, Breeze, and Golden gate. For inquiries please email us at info@katerinatanacollection.com


On my travels to Rajasthan I came across a man known as Riyaz in Jaipur. Riyaz practices the centuries old tradition of Indian miniature painting. All his paintings are painted with a single hair. Indian miniatures are typically executed on a very humble scale for books or albums on paper and cloth. The art of miniature painting reached its glory during the Mughal period but was pioneered by the Palas of Bengal.

Katerina Tana Collection presents a collection inspired by nature… LOOM Outdoor Fabrics- manufactured and printed in Italy.

Years after my travels to Bhutan, I encountered Stephanie Waisler-Rubin the founder of The Unatti Foundation. Combining a trilateral approach to its mission, the Unatti Foundation provides opportunity for the underprivileged and underserved in Nepal. Their program focusing on Education, Self-Sufficiency, and Community Outreach address addresses poverty in children from multiple angles. Unatti operates a home for underprivileged children in the heart of Bhaktapur, caring for 18 girls, ages 3-17 years old, with the support of three housemothers. With the Unatti support and funding they attend the best English schools in the village and receive 24-hour care. The beautiful 100% Nepali wool hand felted bowls are created from the local sheep’s wool near the Unatti home. They are handcrafted by the Unatti girls and 100% of the profit goes right back into the Foundation to help support these children. They are $75.00 for a set of five and available on the Unatti Foundation website. http://unattifoundation.org/catalog/felt-bowls

Hot off the press!

Putting nature back into our world with KTC’s new Paseo in Saffron & Shell. These Belgian linens are printed in Switzerland and inspired by my favorite local trail in the Palisades.

Fabric featured:
Paseo in Saffron
Paseo in Shell
Shadow Sheer in Sunlight
Violetta in Shell
Malibu in Mist

Digest Scout picks us out!

Digest Scout picks us out.

Digest Scout picks us out! We are number 1!

Digest Scout picks us out! We are number 1 featuring our Belgian Linen Print Coralshade in Oyster!


Just for Valentine’s Day week. Here is our VIOLETTA design in the Bougainvillea color. It fits the season! xoxoxoxo

Violetta/Bougainvillea our Valentine design!

Violetta/Bougainvillea our Valentine design!

Cabana Den Corner Detail

Lulu, sets off the Anacapa Flax and Coralshade Sea designs beautifully!

Meet Lulu! who took a shine to this corner of the Changing Room, during the photo shoot.

KTC Loom features Coralshade in Sea on the Roman shade, and introducing the NEW Coralshade in Abalone on the pillow.

Farrow & Ball Estate Emulsion paint, Blue Ground on the walls, Richard Taylor Designs Carciofi lamp, Schlossberg towels and robes, Jens Risom stacking table from Ralph Pucci and Horse Tack Rack from Rosemarie McCaffrey Antiques……