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It is with a heavy heart but a joyful spirit of what is to come that we saw the closing of AXE on Abbot Kinney in Venice. After 15 years of making everyone’s life a good deal more delicious and connected to the Mother earth the last pancake was rationed out. This iconic restaurant has inspired legions of designers, chefs and foodies alike, we know who we are.

Now it is time for us who have had the privilege of having it at our doorstep for over a decade to share the good that we have learned and fed on.

In the meantime we will patiently await the 9 grain pancake and the granola and  chai tea which have no match, in the hope that they will be reincarnated elsewhere in some other format.

We will  all be following carefully to see where this magic happens next! Venice thanks you!

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This is just the most recent in the slew of great reviews of the hotel, I am proud to have my name on as a designer. This writer really captures the spirit of the place.

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Conde Nast

Traveler Jan. 2015

It has been a utterly amazing journey to be a part of the design of new Rose Hotel Venice. We have been able to place the KTC LOOM Collection throughout the rooms and Lobby, and help create the mood that is the ultimate in beach chic.

Dream Solid Flax was just the right textile for this project, a sumptuous natural Belgian linen that gets more delicious with time.

Just in case you think we are just being a bit big for out britches, the Wall Street Journal, French Vogue and Conde Nast Traveler have concurred.  Come check it out!

The Abbot Kinney Suite



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